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The University of Leeds is one of the largest universities in the UK. Highly-acclaimed for its research facilities and teaching methods, it boasts of no less than 35 internationally rated departments. Presently, there are over 32,000 students enrolled in the 700 various undergraduate degree programs and 470 postgraduate degree programs. There are another 32,000 students that are enrolled in the different short courses the university offers. The University of Leeds is built on 496 hectares of land, 40 hectares of which are taken by the main campus. It has two main libraries - the Brotherton Library for the arts and social sciences and the Edward Hoyle Library.

The University of Leeds has the most number of students enrolled in languages and physical science courses, and is among the top 10 UK research universities. It is also building its expertise in subjects like fire science and colour chemistry which are hardly offered in other UK universities. The other rare subjects it offers include Japanese with linguistics and music.

The history of the University of Leeds goes back to 1830. Back then, the city of Leeds had a population of over 100,000 and five stable medical centers. Medical students had to travel all the way to Scotland just to have their medical training in apothecaries. This led to the founding of the Leeds School of Medicine in 1831 and the founding of the Yorkshire College of Science in 1874. The University of Leeds was formally instituted in 1904. During this year, the College of Science began offering subjects like mathematics, chemistry, experimental physics, and biology. Modern literature, history, and the classics were eventually added which led the Yorkshire College of Science to be renamed the Yorkshire College. Yorkshire College joined the Leeds School of Medicine in 1884. They were later joined by the Liverpool University College and Manchester Owens College in 1887 which became known as Victoria University. However, this union did not last long when the different colleges ventured into putting up their own universities.


The University Library has around 2.6 million books and a vast selection of databases, electronic journals, and special collections.

The university has sports and recreational facilities that require annual membership fees. The sports facilities include tennis courts, pitching areas, weights and fitness rooms, saunas, and sunbeds. Students are encouraged to visit the 30 sporting clubs offered by the students' union, as well as aerobics classes held regularly.

It has computer areas with 2,500 personal computers open all week long. The students are given their own email addresses which they can access through the different computer areas in the campus. Some Leeds student residences have networked personal computers with Internet access.

Various guidance and counselling facilities that are free of charge are available for students who are in need of support. Support centers are also open to students with physical and learning handicaps. The university provides dyslexia workshops, sign language interpretation, Braille transcription, and special examination arrangements. Disabled students who want to make use of these facilities should contact the university three months before they start their classes.

The university gives scholarships, financial aid, and housing assistance to financially-challenged students. The University Careers Center helps students in improving their finances by providing them full- or part-time employment, volunteer work, and other available options.

The University of Leeds also has facilities for research, development and consultancy; HR development; and conference venues that are available for public use.

Famous Students

The University of Leeds boasts of former students who have become successful in the fields of science and technology, arts and literature, and business. Among the famous people who came from the University of Leeds include playwright and novelist Wole Soyinka, 02 Ireland Chief Executive Danuta Gray, Marks and Spencer Communications director Flic Howard-Alen, actor Allistair McGowan, NASA astronaut Piers Sellers, Toyota Motors Europe President and CEO Dr. Shuhei Toyoda, and Mongolian president Nambaryn Enkhbayar.

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